My name is John Dalgity, my family roots run deep in Almonte, all the way back to the 1920’s. We were farmers, Cobblers, Labourers, Business people and a long line of Veterans. You will find the local Cenotaph bears my family name and there is a street named after my Grandfather Jack Dalgity who was a WWII Veteran.

I was born and raised in Almonte and graduated from Almonte District High School.  I have raised four children, all of which have attended our local schools. My family has been in the area since the early 1900’s. We were farmers, shoe makers, business owners and even worked in the old woolen mills in Appleton and Almonte. Many of them were Veterans and you will find our family name commemorated on the local cenotaph as well as a street named after my Grandfather Jack Dalgity.
My mother June Dalgity worked for the Gazette when it was located in Almonte and my father Garry was in local politics for 29 years. My brother Steve is the Vice Principal at Almonte District High School and has been head coach of the Thunderbolts football for many years. My sisters Christine & Alison are both successful business women in the community.

Over the years I have had a broad range of career experiences from construction to a Oracle database Administrator, software design and development, IT/business consultant and recently sports equipment manufacturing and distribution throughout Canada. Throughout all my experience and challenges, I have always relied on common sense decision making as one of my most valuable assets.

I have a lot of volunteer experience in sports related activities including a passion for the sport of Broomball. I was the Financial Chair for the 2012 World Broomball Championships held in Beckwith, Carleton Place, Almonte, Pakenham and Arnprior and we accomplished a $3.5 million community financial impact in the one week event and we received a Lanark County Award of Excellence in Business/ Recreation/ Sports Tourism.

Local Volunteering /Committees

  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Host, Co-host or on Committees for several local, national and international sporting events.
  • Financial Chair, 2012 World Broomball Championships held in Beckwith, Carleton Place, Almonte, Pakenham & Arnprior.
  • Parks and Rec advisory Committee
  • Police Services Board
  • Committee of the Whole Chair
  • Appointed to Emergency Management and Master Fire Plan working group
  • Appointed to Community Services Master Plan Working Group
  • Dog Park working group
  • Bi-Centennial Working group

As you are aware, I spent the last four years on the Mississippi Mills Council and I am seeking Re-Election of for a council seat in the Almonte Ward once again.
I ask you to view more information on this site on the accomplishments we have completed this past term, some areas that we did not yet get completed but would like to do so and a look at moving forward over the next four years, what I feel I can do for the community while continuing to represent you as your Almonte Ward Councillor.

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns!

John Dalgity
613 240 7902